Meet Trent Qiao at Alpha Invoice

Director at Alpha Invoice

Trent moved to Canada from China to pursue his education in 2006 and received both of his B.Sc (Math and Physics) and M.Sc (Computer Science.) from UNBC.

After graduation, Trent has worked in IT, business consulting, and private equity industry. While he was working at a private equity firm, Trent continues to educate himself on all aspects of the financial services industry. Completing the following: Exempt Market Products CE, Segregated Funds CE, and LLQP. He is also both licensed exempt market dealing representative and life insurance advisor.
During the time in investment world, He has come across a lot of different types of investments. He noticed there is one type of investment which is in factoring business that always pays investor on time and always delivers what it promises. As a result of that, it becomes his #1 favorite investment. The more He finds out about the factoring business, the more he loves it. He loves the fact not only factoring business can help out a lot of small medium size business owners with their cash flow challenges but also it makes economic sense for those business owners who want to expand their business to use factoring service. Eventually he decided to embark on a new career in factoring business.